Test Build Destroy, To Be Destroyed, or To Be Determined?

TBD is a 1lb, 3D Printed combot built for the Winter 2017 Design.Print.Destroy! Competition.

The Design

TBD was redesigned from the ground up to be the bot we wanted DTS to be. For more concept drawings, check out the DTS Build Log. We wanted a clean unibody drum spinner, and to avoid duct tape at all costs.

TBD Render

For more detail/etc, feel free to checkout the GrabCAD model.

First Prints

For our second go at this, our first prints turned out great! They were printed in red ABS on the iRobotics Ultimaker. The reprints only had minor tolerance adjustments, and a battery strap (it was kinda free to fly about before).


After our issues with the controls we used in the Duct Tape Special, we decided to go with a custom control system. For this we went with a RomeoBLE board (basically a bluetooth arduino) and a pc app.

Custom Driver station

Component Breakdown

We used the RomeoBLE as the control board (handling wireless and drive motor control), 2 FingerTech Silver Sparks for drive (with FingerTech Snap Wheels), and a BlackWidow 2204-2300kV motor (with integrated ESC) for the weapon. In terms of parts, this was much simpler and cleaner than our last robot but I would not reccomend to new teams due to the programmign required (failsafes are not something to get wrong).

Event Breakdown

We lost our first match against CollieBot via a hit that sheared our drum. After a liberal application of CA glue (and some duct tape), we were ready for our losers bracket matches. We ended up with the same failure where our drum failed again (in a different location).